Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls for Holy Jihad

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie is calling for a ‘holy jihad’ to take Jerusalem from Israel. Now, if that isn’t alarming, then you have not been paying attention to the warning signs.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammad Badie (AP photo)

Earlier this year, Badie called for unification across Islam. He also offered another clue in the same address saying that things would start with Egypt. Did that get your attention?

The Middle East is ripe right now with a reserved energy. Over the summer this was evident as some of that energy was released in protests and country takeovers. Is it not ironic that Egypt is led by the Muslim Brotherhood? Is it not also ironic that the uprising in Syria was led by the Brotherhood?

With that, it brings another question that was raised recently: ‘Why did we just send troops to Jordan?’ Being a sitting duck in a region ready to pounce is one of the more ignorant things to do. The stranglehold by the Muslim Brotherhood being put on Jordan right now is so strategic for them to make a move on Israel.

So, taking into account that the unification process between Islamists is not yet complete, there still may yet be time. But time is not on Israel’s side.

Here is a small passage from the address he gave at the start of the year:

“In our modern age, the Muslim Brotherhood launched its call [to Islam] in attempt to guide the nation and reawaken it, so as to bring it back to its [former] status and to its mission after a long period of backwardness and lethargy. At the Sixth [Muslim Brotherhood] Congress, [Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan] Al-Bana, defined two goals for [our] blessed organization: ‘… [One is] an immediate goal, which becomes evident and yields fruits as soon as a person joins the Brotherhood. It starts with purifying the soul, amending behavior, and preparing the spirit, the mind and the body for a long struggle… [The second goal is] a long-term goal, which requires utilizing opportunities, waiting for the right time, making preparations and planning in advance. It [entails] a total reform of all domains of life, in which all the nation’s forces should participate, and [also] involves changing and transforming all the exiting conditions, so that the Islamic state and the law of the Koran may live again…’

“Al-Bana set out the stages and detailed the means by which this great goal [might be achieved], starting by reforming the individual, followed by building the family, the society and the government, and then the rightly guided Caliphate, and finally [achieving] mastership of the world – a mastership of guidance, instruction, truth and justice. [Al-Bana] explained that all these purposes and goals, having been defined and clarified, must be realized through earnest, persistent and gradual effort, through unity of ranks [not division], by persuasion, not coercion, and by love, not by force. [We] must be steadfast in [our] course, no matter obstacles, hardships, traps or conspiracies [we encounter].

Their move toward a Caliphate has been going on for years now, and no doubt they have been quickly moving to fulfill that ‘prophecy.’ This certainly isn’t the last of this you will hear, so pay attention as the Islamic state begins to unite across all fronts.

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