Who Killed John P. Wheeler?

The big question surrounding the death of John P. Wheeler III is: “Who killed him?” He didn’t just have a heart attack in the middle of a landfil. Someone was making a statement by throwing him there.

Mr. Wheeler was a very accomplished person. He graduated from West Point, and was a voice for veterans. So much so, he was the former chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. He also was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a presidential aide to the Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush administrations.

However, these are not what point to someone wanting him dead, especially considering some of the current events gracing the headlines. Think for a second. STARTreaty? Stuxnet Virus? North Korea? Iran? And you can’t count out Russia either.

After serving in Vietnam, Wheeler worked at the Pentagon producing and analyzing nuclear-war games. According to Atkinson’s book, Wheeler wrote a study that played a role in President Richard M. Nixon’s 1969 decision to renounce biological weapons. Which would leave one to speculate that the recent passing of STARTreaty, Russia, Iran or North Korea could have paid a price.

In later years, Wheeler, as special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force at the Pentagon during the George W. Bush administration, helped develop the Air Force Cyber Command. A citation for his service in 2008 said Wheeler recognized that the military needed to combat the growing vulnerability of U.S. weapon systems to cyber intrusions.

Wheeler was currently serving as a consultant for MITRE Corporation which held DoD contracts and facilitates many DoD projects. His extensive career in weapons systems and cyber security, mixed with consulting with and for Department of Defence projects could point to Russia and the STARTreaty, or Iran and the recent cyber attack via the Stuxnet virus.

None of this really answers the main question, but it is certainly raising ideas.

Who killed John Wheeler?

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