Smear Campaign of John Wheeler Murder Investigation

John P. Wheeler, IIIThere are still many questions surrounding the murder of John P. Wheeler, III. However, there seems to be a smear campaign in the midst of the investigation. But the one thing is that when you put everything together, things still just don’t add up!

While everyone is waiting for the toxicology and autopsy reports, tips and clues are being released to the public for examination. But, as stated earlier, things don’t add up.

One of the purported ideas is that he suffered some sort of head trauma that casued him to become dillusional and crawl into a dumpster only to have died in his sleep. The problem with this claim?

Schulcz said he and Wheeler are active on an e-mail forum for 1966 graduates of West Point, and once he heard about Wheeler’s death, he went back to find Wheeler’s last message.

Wheeler last posted to the forum around 5 p.m. Dec. 28, and while emotional and somewhat angry, his post was “classic Jack,” according to Schulcz and other friends.

Wheeler was responding to a conversation thread about West Point and college football.

“And absolute football corrupts absolutely. NCAA is all about football money … To Hell with the NCAA and its corrupting Money Game … West Point should pull out of the fraud-ridden NCAA,” he wrote.

Schulcz said it took focus and dexterity to compose and send the message, meaning Wheeler was coherent and in control at the time.

“Jack was passionate about certain things, like right and wrong and honor,” Schulcz said, adding he has shared the final posting from Wheeler with police.

Investigators believe that Wheeler returned to Delaware by train on Dec. 28, but have not offered specifics about when or why he was traveling.

Schulcz said Wheeler was addicted to e-mail and “was the kind of guy with machine-gun fingers,” who would respond in an instant to an electronic message. So when he failed to answer a message from another person on the forum Dec. 29, “that was unusual.”

Another claim being discussed is that Wheeler was placing smoke bombs in his neighbors house, whom they were in a legal dispute. This idea is getting more attention than the fact that maybe he knew something with either Wikileaks, an SEC investigation that he was involved with, or the fact that he has and was working on bio-chem and nuclear weapons and cyber-security with MITRE Corporation.

The idea of being offed by another country, or even someone in his own country, is far more plausible than pushing clues that he changed clothes numerous times without anyone knowing where or how he did it. And an idea is just that, an idea. And, while we aren’t part of the investigation team, we are forced to look at all likely avenues.

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  1. The silence of the wife and his employer and the hotel involved is deafening in this case. They all have no comment in a murder investigation?; since when? Instead, we get experts in the news telling us that it is just an unfortuate accident. Smacks of a cover-up!

  2. Reporters are certainly well behaved these days. Can someone please investigate and report on this story please!

  3. Reporters have been called off by the Obama Administration. The murder has been solved,but the situation that caused the motive has not.The story that the murder of John Wheeler is a part of is perhaps the biggest event in human history. Disclosure.
     The departure of Eik Prince from the United States took place just a few weeks after the murder. Prince was exiled by Haliburton for not properly vetting a group of people he had subcontracted to handle the dirty work of a black op. I would know. I was, and still am, a victim of the people he subcontracted. I suspect Mr. Wheeler was about to take a stand against Erik Prince and Haliburton/Cheney on my behalf.
     Do you remember the incident in Afganistan when General Caldwell used a phsy ops technology on visiting V.I.P.s. It was reported that this technology had mind control capabilities. General Petraus led the investigation. This investigation was left open ended, just like John Wheeler’s murder.
     This tehnology is the star gate project. A satellite that is tied in with another technology that is not ours (human). It is currently being used by Academi Inc., or as I like to call the Black Water 3.0. The $250,000,000 contract they received from Obama in August of 2012 is largely due to two factors. Cofer Black and star gate. Over a dozen U.S. citizenshave been murdered over the past four years in the maintainance of it’s confidentiality.
     Star gateand he people who ptect  are he greatest threat to our democracy and a free socity this ctry has ever seen.
     John Wheeler’s family will not see justice done without Obama/Bush admitting the 65 year old coverup of the alien near Earth presence.
    R.I.P. Mr. Wheeler. You are an unknown hero.
     I’m availabe at

  4. I was in contact with John for many years when I was the custodian of the DOD IO roadmap from 2003-2007. I also helped him obtain funds for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982. His untimely death was a shock to us all. I hope his murder will be solved.

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