Osama bin Laden Death Photos; Why Not?

As of yet, the White House has yet to release the photos of a dead Osama bin Laden for fear that they are too gruesome, or that they may cause further harm. However, Americans were allowed to watch the hanging of Saddam, and we were also shown the horrific images of other Americans that were far worse that seeing Osama with a hole in his head.


What you are about to see may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.


Paul Johnson beheaded

Nick Berg beheading

Daniel Pearl

In other words, release the Osama bin Laden photos! We can handle it.

13 Responses to Osama bin Laden Death Photos; Why Not?

  1. Not to mention, we were exposed to videos of our fellow Americans leaping from hundreds, even thousands of feet out of windows of a burning Trade Center — ad nauseum I may add — because of the executed plans of this man.

  2. For some it isn’t. But, in good taste it is always polite to offer a warning for those who could view it as offensive.

  3. Man, I believe that this is insane. I say fuck the Afghan Al Qaeda,, fuck the Iraqi Qaeda, and kill them the way they are trying to kill us

  4. why don’t you ask israel why they did their false flag operation on 9/11, why don’t you ask your motherfucking pretend allies/jew overlords why they killed those people you stupid fucking piece of horses hit

  5. yeah, too bad we can’t see Bin Laden bleed out on video, fucking justice dude. And all these people who beheaded this guy, and al zarakwi I think? Are dead, pretty sure, in battle of Fallujah

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