Obama And The Tipping Point

There is no denying that America is facing a tipping point. And, at some point, enough will have been enough. But, on which front? Troops are still engaged in operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they face a possible operation in Libya as the turmoil continues.

Look, everyone knows that Qaddafi is a mad-man. He has killed his own people, and will continue as long as he is around. So, what does the future hold? Well, as fate would have it, we have a model that isn’t that old. And, if things continue the way some say, we are following it almost to a tee.

In 1991 we ‘stopped’ Saddam, but he stayed in power. What happened next? Well . . . We’re still there. We finally went in and got him, and now he’s a goner. But, with all the money that was spent to get him and liberate the Iraqis, and all the money that we are having to spend to re-build the country, we are amounting a huge amount of debt. And that’s exactly what they want. Hit us where it hurts, and that is in the pocket.

Well, the Iraq war was sold as a short strategic mission. Same as what we are told about Libya. Oops! Sorry, a ‘kinetic military action.’ What’s the difference? Nothing! One is simple to define, while the other is just an Orwellian attempt to appear neutral.

And, that neutrality is what will lead to the tipping point of sending in ground troops. Which questions, Why Libya? (Couldn’t he have just told the United Nations to take a hike?) The answer is simple. It is a strategy by the Obama machine to gain some level of popularity in an unfavorable upcoming 2012 election. His action, or lack of in most cases, is almost a mirror image of Bush. All that he opposed for Iraq, is leading him to accept the fact that his foreign policy approach to apologize is one if ignorance.

With so much Middle Eastern turmoil, and lack of direction from Obama, and his administration, in his laid back ideology has brought America to its knees. Once seen as a dominant global superpower, America is now seen as the whipped sister that the left has wished her to be for years.

So, as it seems, America has finally reached a tipping point as Obama; the Emperor without clothes has humpty-dumptied his way off the great wall, and is dithering his way off the golf course and into campaign mode, and for what? A kinetic military action, aka war, without any real direction to save himself for a 2012 run?

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