George Soros Not Happy With Way Obama Handling Economy

In an interview with SPIEGEL, George Soros was asked if he was pleased with Obama’s economic policy.

Well, one would expect that Obama’s biggest supporter would think so considering some of the controversial dealing Soros has been involved with. However:

(FOXNews) – SPIEGEL: President Barack Obama has been fiercely criticized for his handling  of the economy. You were one of his biggest supporters in 2008. Are you happy with his economic policy?

Soros: No, of course not. But the reality is that we have had 25 years of  excesses building up in America — a combustible mix of too much credit and too  much leverage. You need a long time to reverse that.

SPIEGEL: Obama tried to stimulate growth with a gigantic stimulus program  which increased the national debt further. Was that a mistake?

Soros: Obama embraced the ideas of John Maynard Keynes. Basically, the  analysis of Keynes is still very relevant — with one big difference between now  and the 1930s. In the 1930s, governments had practically no debt and could  therefore run deficits. Nowadays, all governments are heavily indebted, and that  is a big change.

SPIEGEL: If Keynes were still alive, would he adjust his theory?

Soros: Definitely. He would say governments can still benefit from running  fiscal deficits, but the new debt has to be invested in a way that will pay for  itself. So the money spent would have to increase productivity.

Just when you think Soros knows what he’s talking about, he continues to talk and totally negate that idea.

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