UN Message to Iran; More Sanctions

Wednesday, Iran received another round of sanctions from the United Nations. But the message is pretty clear in that if they continue to do what they are doing, get ready for round five.

That’s the ignorance in this whole thing. You can argue for or against Iran and their nuclear program all you want. But one thing remains clear. They will do whatever they want. There is no changing that.

The first round of sanctions wasn’t enough, so the enactment of levels two and three were needed. However, in their wake, those weren’t enough so a new fourth round was enacted and is being dubed “the toughest sanctions ever faced.”

Islamic Republic News Agency

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran who is visiting Tajikistan currently reacting to the passing of the 4th UN Security Council resolution against Iran based on US and its allies’ efforts, emphasized, “Those who posses the atomic bombs themselves both use and stockpile the nuclear weapons while threatening the others with them, now resort to the pretext that Iran might in the future manufacture atomic bombs and pass resolutions against us every now and then. Ahmadinejad added, “I sent a message to one of them, telling him “These resolutions that you pass resemble used napkins that need to be thrown to the garbage can.” The president emphasized, “They are not capable of inflicting any damage against the Iranian nation.” He added, “The political scene has become the scene for cheating, aggression, and expansionism, because under such conditions the ethical values, love and social relations are cast aside.

The sense of double-standard is steaming in the mouth of Ahmadinejad.


In Iran itself, editorials in the hard-line press lash out at what they see as Western double standards. In the Arabic-speaking Middle East, however, many press commentators think the sanctions are justified and adequate, although some also criticise the perceived bias in Western policy in the region.

Either way, many are still able to argue the fact that sanctions against Iran are effortless.

Foreign Policy

After a year’s worth of diplomacy, the United Nations Security Council finally passed a fourth round of Iran sanctions on Wednesday. The vote passed easily, with 12 states voting in favor and only two, Brazil and Turkey, voting against the sanctions resolution. At various points in the previous months, Barack Obama’s administration has promised that these sanctions will be “crippling,” “smart,” and “targeted.” In reality, however, the best adjective to describe the new sanctions is “ineffective.”

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