Top Political Issues in 2010

There is no doubt that 2010 is one for the record books. The year was filled with events and issues, both political and not, that will forever change lives and nations. Even as the year comes to an end, new and pressing issues come to be.

As you could list hundreds of issues, some of the most important are:

  • Health Care
  • Gulf Oil Spill
  • The Ground Zero Mosque
  • Tea Party/Mid-Term Elections
  • Wikileaks

As previously stated, this is not a complete list but a list of some of the most influential issues that shaped 2010.

Health Care

A bill that had to be passed? There is no debating that there are things wrong with the health care system, but the bill that was written and presented for passing brought a great deal of controversy. It was touted as a landmark decision that would need to be passed before we would find out what was in it, according to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The problem is in how they conducted business in Washington. Not only did elected officials vote against their constituents, but they used a number of calculated numbers that the CBO would have to use to “prove” that the bill was fiscally responsible. Only after the passing of Obamacare would we find out about made-up numbers and what was really in the bill and how it would negatively impact the greater of the people.

Gulf Oil Spill

The tragedy that struck the Gulf was more than just an oil spill. This was a demonstration of the lack of experience for President Obama. The inability to act with all resources proved this. Not accepting help from other nations surely showed that Obama had no clue on how to act. Nations throughout the world who have battled smaller spills had experience and the resources to fight the spill. Ultimately, nature would prove that it can right itself.

The Ground Zero Mosque

Many things can still be said about the idea of putting a mosque in the surrounding area of Ground Zero. But the political side of it is brought into question when Obama stood in support for it saying that it was a demonstration of the right to practice religion. While you do have the right to practice whatever form of religion in America, it was the taste of placing this mosque so close the center of Ground Zero. A place that is very sacred to many Americans. Not to mention, the political slap-in-the-face of the placement and behind the face meaning for the Ground Zero Mosque and its strategic placement.

Tea Party/Mid-Term Elections

The political impact of the Tea Party and the Mid-Term Elections played an important role all year long. While so many Americans joined on with the Tea Party, they not only worked in masses trying to fight against Obamacare and the Ground Zero Mosque, but the fought against those elected officials that were up for re-election. The statement they were making was that the American population was still in control as laid out in the Constitution. They joined together to make the greatest change in political power in history. And at times, they took down some of the biggest names in Washington and replaced them with virtually unknowns. Which made the Tea Party the strongest political issue in 2010 and one that will continue on for years to come.


The drama from the leaked documents that were published by Wikileaks has not only been an issue here in America, but has been an issue all over the world. Putting political teams on alert raises many questions and answers some questions from years past. One of the biggest questions answered was over the accusations of Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, WMD’s. One other thing it brings to light is foreign policy and the things said not only about the political leaders in Washington, but also things said about other countries by those same people. Along with the Tea Party, Wikileaks is another that will prove its worth through time.


In summary, as stated before, these are some of the largest political issues putting 2010 in the history books. Some less impacting than others, but issues that impact a far greater number than some of the smaller issues. And, as some of the issues discussed will impact years to come, their presence can sure be dominated and trumped by others yet known.

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