Sarah Palin: Electable or Not

Sarah Palin is still all the buzz, and for what? Is she electable or not? While she has proven to be a viable asset, it is her electability that is in question.

Now that the first Tea Party Convention is in the past, the real test for Sarah Palin is if she is electable. That is not to say that she is never electable, but in the current stand she is not. I am not against Palin. Don’t get me wrong. I think there is a place and a reason for her. Just not at the helm of the Presidency. Just not yet. 2016, I feel, would be the soonest she could be in an administration. In 2016, she has the possibility of being a perfect Vice President candidate.

Sarah Palin is very good at drawing a crowd. She also has the ability to deliver a message that gets people to listen. How does she do it? Easy. The ‘real’ factor. You see, the ‘real’ factor is how people relate and how they see themselves. Sarah is presented as the next door neighbor, just with a large political platform that can present the real issues plaguing real Americans. Those same people look at her as having gone through what they are dealing with. Not like the ‘elites’ in Washington.

Recently, the ‘elites’ have distanced themselves even further away from the people. Sarah has been able to embrace her platform and keep the issues out in front instead of allowing Washington to further corrupt the nation more than what they already have. She is able to inspire others  to get politically active, and help deliver real change to Washington. The type of change that has inspired people to flood the phone lines of Senators and Representatives to protect the rights they feel are in danger.

So, what I am getting at is that for her to best be utilized is to be a voice. A conservative voice that not only unites the base of the GOP and the RNC, but also the people. The infighting will only lead to more of the same. One look at the 2008 election fight between McCain, Romney, and Huckabee. There is little denial that the length of time that Huckabee spent against Romney, divided the conservative base and allowed the leftist right to prevail and put McCain out in front. That is another story, however it demonstrates how unity is needed among conservatives and the right.

Again, is Sarah Palin electable or not? Time will only tell.

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