Ground Zero Rages On

There continues to be a great deal of debate surrounding the proposed Ground Zero mosque. But why? This should be an open and shut case. Yet it still continues.

For the most part, Obama could have ended this whole thing when he addressed it. However, not commenting on the wisdom left the issue wide open. His argument is still that this is a First Amendment issue.

It is, but it doesn’t end there. He must continue in his childish ways of things and try a new game of connect the dots. He is correct that the First Amendment provides for the freedom to practice religion. But, the buck doesn’t stop there.

When the president is sworn to office, he in summary says that he will protect and uphold the Constitution. By coming out in support of the religious clause, he forgets the first fundamental clause to protect the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Yes, America was founded on the notion of freedoms. But it is mandatory to protect the whole of the People from outside attacks. All be it if those attacks should come from within, and funded and supported by nations that wish harm or utter destruction.

Which paints the obvious point that this mosque and those behind it and those that are willing to fund it should be investigated. After all, we took the time – at taxpayer expense – to investigate whether or not baseball players used steroids, or sports enhancement products for those politically correct. Why is it okay to investigate that but not investigate a terrorist funded church that will be a flagship training center on the hollowed grounds that thousands of Americans lost their lives? This is nothing but a slap in the face in the name of attack, conquer and occupy.

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