There are few things you can lean on as something that seems to have it all. Pot-pies are one, and another is the democrats way of government.

But how can you compare the two? Simple. Take a look at the ingredients.

For instance, a chicken-pot-pie has almost everything you need in a meal. It’s got meats, veggies, breads and dairies. Contrast that with what a democrat sponsored government-pot-pie has: it’s got free health care, ongoing unemployment checks, hand-outs instead of hand-ups and increased taxes.

Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

Michael Savage of the Savage Nation sums it up best by his phrase ‘trickle up poverty.’ Now, if you don’t understand, take a second to think about it. As wealth can start from the top, poverty starts at the bottom. The Dem’s suggest that the ‘elite’ don’t pay enough taxes to cover the handouts, so even more gets taken away from them while the Republicans offer tax cuts for the ‘wealthy’ to open up cash flow to those in need.

Isn’t it easy to see how scrumptious that government-pot-pie looks?

Well, while the kitchen seems to be getting pretty hot, a great deal of cancerous Dem’s look to be ‘getting out the kitchen.’ The elections coming up in November are certainly cranking the temps on the oven which are giving some that burning smell. A smell of burning government-pot-pie that doesn’t really belong on the menu.

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