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Conservative Talk: What did they say?

Joseph Farah | How I Filled Out My Census Form

Fortunately for me — and maybe for the government — I got the short-form census questionnaire.

Judging from the questions, it seems the government is primarily obsessed about tracking racial information regarding the U.S. population. Besides the names, ages and sex of each person living in households, the rest of the questions have to do with race:

— There’s a special section dealing with those of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin. Why, I don’t know.

— Next, participants are asked to classify themselves as white, black, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Other Asian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Native Hawaiian, Guamanian or Chamorro, Samoan or other Pacific Islander.

— Lastly, there’s a checkbox for some other race.

I checked that last box and wrote in HUMAN. Why?

Because I believe, like Martin Luther King Jr. did, that America ought to be a color-blind society in which men and women are judged by their character rather than their skin pigment. Because I believe that people, especially the government, shouldn’t treat each other differently based on skin color.     Read the rest HERE.

L. Brent Bozell | Tainting the Tea Party

On MSNBC before the Iraq War in 2003, David Shuster elevated the “anti-war” movement as the equivalent of the United States military, only with a higher morality: “The size of the demonstrators, at least here, at least in Europe, seems to underscore that there are now perhaps two world superpowers,” he told Chris Matthews. “There’s the United States, and then there are those millions of people who took to the streets opposing U.S. policy.”

My, how times — and standards — change. On the weekend of the vote for a massive government intervention in the health-insurance market, these same reporters had a different take. The Tea Party protesters were not going to be hailed for their courageous and patriotic use of their free time. They were going to be smeared for daring to be.

Democrats claimed racial slurs were used against black politicians on Capitol Hill, and an “anti-gay slur” was allegedly heard around Congressman Barney Frank. It is understandable that Democrats would want this opposition to their power grab to be reduced to absurdity, a spasm of racism and homophobia instead of organized conservative idealism. It is deplorable that our national “news” media went into overdrive on this Democrat public-relations initiative. To listen to the press, the Tea Party’s presence in Washington was violent, dangerous, uncivil and unprecedented, and their protests threatened to ruin the Republican image — as if that isn’t at the top of the liberal media’s To Do list every day.     Read the rest HERE.

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