Burning a Quran vs. Building the Mosque

Buzz buzz buzz go the media about the burning of the Qurans down in Florida. But why? They tried to paint ground zero mosque opposers as radical islamaphobes. What makes this any different, even after supposed talks to cancel the burning fest and the moving of the mosque?

As time went on, and people got more upset Obama finally made a statement about the Constitutionality of the issue. And while they do have the right to build it, it still doesn’t give it good taste. But Obama was clear in another statement that he was not commenting on the wisdom.

It took little time at all for Obama to sit down with Stephanopoulos on ABC and talk about how the Quran burning should nor happen. He was very quick to judge the wisdom this time without discussing the Constitutionality.

These two cases are exactly the same. Both are viewed as sacred and both are viewed as a slap in the face. But there was no outrage from Gen. Petraeus on how the mosque building would endanger troops. Also, there was an enormous amount of crying from others in the administration about posing a threat by the burning Qurans, namely Defense Sec. Robert Gates when he personally called Jones to ask him to call it off.

Another ironic part of this whole story is one that has yet to recieve any attention. And that is how Imam Rauf is now saying that if he would have known there would have been this much stink he wouldn’t have built the mosque. Only one problem, and that is he hasn’t built anything yet. He was only on a state sponsered funding mission. If anything he would be out of a couple hundred thousand for the purchase of the building. It seems highly ironic that after someone threatens something sacred to him does he come out and make this statement.

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