2010 Coservative Political Action Conference in Washington

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year is being held in Washington, D.C. from Thursday through Sunday. The key speaker for today was Mitt Romney, but he was not the only power player to show their face. Marco Rubio graced the microphone, as did NRA leader Wayne LaPierre.

While there are many quotes to pick from, probably the one that stands out the most was when Romney said, “When it comes to pinning blame, pin the tail on the donkeys.” As it did cause the crowd to erupt, it is the tone it places on the Obama administration as they seem to be doing just that. Blaming everyone else for what they have done.

It also sets the tone for a presidential run from Romney in 2012.

RCP – Romney says Obama failed America

“President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their team have failed the American people, and that is why their majority will be out the door,” Romney told a gathering of conservatives, a certain critical constituency in the upcoming Republican primary fight.

“He has prolonged the recession, expanded the pain of unemployment, and added to the burden of debt we will leave future generations,” Romney said.

Romney argued that Obama broke his promises of transparency and a new kind of politics. And Romney charged Obama with “the most blatant and reprehensible manifestation of political payoff in modern memory” by cutting a health care deal with unions.

Pumping up the GOP, Romney said: “The people of America are looking to conservatives for leadership, and we must not fail them.”

He said conservatives would strengthen the economy, U.S. security, and the nation’s families, though he acknowledged that not everything on the agenda is popular.

Still, he said: “The American people have shown that they are ready for truth to trump hope. The truth is that government is not the solution to all our problems.”          . . . MORE

WashingtonPost – Conservative Political Action Conference begins in Washington

Romney sounded similar themes as he defended his party against allegations from Democratic leaders that Republicans have become “the party of ‘no.’ ”

“Before we move away from this ‘no’ epithet the Democrats are fond of applying to us, let’s ask the Obama folks why they say no — no to a balanced budget, no to reforming entitlements, no to malpractice reform, no to missile defense in Eastern Europe, no to prosecuting Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a military tribunal, and no to tax cuts that create new jobs.

“You see, we conservatives don’t have a corner on saying no,” Romney continued. “We’re just the ones who say it when that’s the right thing to say.”          . . . MORE

FoxNews – ‘Freedom’ Just Another Word for . . . Big Debate at Conservative Conference

“Freedom” is the buzzword at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference — from freedom from government “tyranny” to the freedom to earn a living.

And as the themes of freedom and liberty enjoy a resurgence among conservative activists, many of the people attending CPAC this week — an estimated 10,000, according to the American Conservative Union, which sponsors the event — say the burgeoning Tea Party movement has given voice to their concerns.

“It’s about every kind of freedom. When government grows bigger, citizens become smaller,” said Christian Callahan, a spokesman for “Let Freedom Ring,” a conservative nonprofit with a booth at CPAC.

Callahan said President Obama’s economic policies — including the auto industry bailouts, the skyrocketing budget deficits and the massive stimulus bill — have encroached on economic freedom and free market ideals.

“They are taking our choices away from us,” he said.          . . . MORE

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