Obama Dumped by Olympic Committee for 2016

In Copenhagen, the decision was announced that the 2016 Olympics would be held in Rio de Janeiro and not to Chicago.

United States President Barack Obama campaigned for the 2016 Games to be held in his hometown, Chicago. Rejected in the first round, many were stunned by the announcement. Of those shocked, Senior Australian IOC member Kevan Gosper said, “The whole thing doesn’t make sense other than there has been a stupid bloc vote. To have the president of the United States and his wife personally appear, then this should happen in the first round is awful and totally undeserving.”

From the White House, Obama said, “I’m proud I was able to come in and help make the case in person. I believe it’s always a worthwhile endeavor to promote and boost the United States of America and invite the world to see what we’re all about.”

One critic, GOP consultant Brad Blakeman said:

“It demeans the office. For the president to be reduced to the effect of the Billy Mays pitchman for the United States to get the Olympics for his home city of Chicago is just not something that presidents do. His priorities are screwed up and the American people are seeing that this president just doesn’t get the effects and importance of governing.”

2 Responses to Obama Dumped by Olympic Committee for 2016

  1. It is absurd to think that a United States president should be campaigning for the olympics when we have so many issues here at home to deal with. The fact is, Obama needs to realize that he is not God and won’t always get his way. I think its wonderful he failed in his appeals. He needs to focus on the issues at home not on making his last year in office a good one for Chicago. (Yes, he will be a one term president, he is our generation’s Jimmy Carter)

  2. You are so correct. I agree with you whole-heartedly. With what we are faced with as a nation today, and what we have endured while Obama has been in office (however short it may be) the last thing he should be doing is pleading for the Olympics to be held in Chicago. This is something that should have been handed off to someone else to handle. Maybe he should have been sitting down with Military top brass to decide on a direction to follow in Afghanistan. (I hope to write more on this very soon.) My point is the same as your point – There are far greater things to be worried about as President than begging for the hosting title for the 2016 Games.

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