First Amendment Under Attack

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said, ” Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”

Never before has free speech been tested as it is being tested today. Free speech against the media is something that is challenged all the time, with special attention when an opposing view is in question. One view that is under heavy attack is that of Fox News. The White House is waging a war against Fox, namely because of its opposition and the opinion shows showcased in its evening lineup.

One front of this war on free speech is being led by the Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd. As the Diversity Czar, he holds enough power to make the fight a lot harder than it should be.

Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), wrote in his column Standing Guard at American Rifleman Magazine:

One of the radical ideological appointees embedded in the Obama political machine is a man with a dream for the First Amendment. His name is Mark Lloyd, and as Obama’s “Diversity Czar” at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), he plans to wield immense power over the way Americans can communicate.

In his vision, a day would come when talk radio would be replaced with government-approved “progressive” local radio and by a smothering National People’s Radio.

In the Orwellian name of “diversity,” censorship will reign.

In his powerful FCC post, Lloyd is shaping the critical components of the Obama administration’s backdoor censorship of electronic and digital communications. He is doing it through the “regulatory” process—outside any specific congressional authority. FCC has the power to determine who gets broadcast licenses and who is barred. Political misuse of that power is the key.

But keep in mind that with this administration, criticism is always treated as nothing more than a “distraction” from the relentless agenda.

Lloyd declared, “… that conservative talk radio dominates the airwaves of our country to the detriment of informed public discourse and the First Amendment.”

Got that? The free market of ideas—where individual Americans choose with their radio dials—exists “to the detriment of the First Amendment.”

With Lloyd empowered as “Diversity Czar” at the FCC—and Soros ultimately pulling the strings—this effort in the coming months to turn radical anti-First Amendment theory into public policy will move at a rapid pace. It will be merely one part of a flood of “Change” aimed at silencing any political opposition at any cost.

So, in theory, you will not be able to choose what you want to listen to. You will be forced to listen to a myriad of radio voices. Long gone would be the days where you turn the dial to one station to listen to like-minded talkshow hosts, instead you would have to search and search to find five minutes you may or may not agree with.

One strange bit of irony in this is that the arguement for free speech is being voiced by a leading member of the NRA. Some say that the 2nd Amendment was written to protect the 1st Amendment.

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