Obama And His Policies Without The Rhetoric

Ask anybody what Barack Obama stands for and they will say, “change.” Change is good, it helps you grow. However, ask those same people to explain where he stands on immigration, foreign policy, taxes, Iraq, welfare reform, the economy, and many other hot topics and they don’t know. It is very difficult to understand what he is saying at times, but Barack finally took the time and explained all these things and more, but with one exception. He left out ALL the rhetoric! Take a listen:

One Response to Obama And His Policies Without The Rhetoric

  1. What policies? I hear a lot about giving me a check for this and that. But anyone with any common sense knows that equals a big, broke, nanny state. Guess that is BHO’s idea of utopia. Oh well, the laughs from his campaign are sure to reach even newer heights now.


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